Charles Strongo, our Chairman and CEO, possesses superior knowledge built from over thirty years of experience in business management, operations, and increasing profitability—particularly within the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) industry. Mr. Strongo has been overseeing the research, development, and marketing of in vitro diagnostic devices for the past twenty-five years, having begun in 1995, the genesis of the “over-the counter” in-vitro diagnostic industry.

Most recently, Mr. Strongo is the CEO and Chairman of Nunzia Pharmaceutical (2019) nd the CEO of WholeHealth Products Inc (2013).

Before Mr. Strongo's current roles, he served as the President and CEO of EarlyDETECT, Inc. (EDI), was a member of the EDI Board of Directors from 2002-2009, and was also their Chief Financial Officer for two years. 

Mr. Strongo has a comprehensive knowledge of both ISO and FDA regulations, and has prepared several companies for ISO inspections. He has filed more than twenty FDA 510K filings and has also worked on numerous pharmaceutical filings. Additionally, he prepared EDI as well as several other companies for FDA inspections in compliance with FDA regulatory guidelines. Most notably, he cleared EDI for the ISO 13485 CDM in less than six weeks—a process that usually takes six months to a year.

His dynamic personality and well-grounded business model combined with his keen understanding and extensive professional expertise have increased profitability for multiple companies domestically and internationally.  Furthermore, he has played an integral role in starting numerous companies throughout the world in Russia, Taiwan, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Mr. Strongo holds a BA/MBA in Business Management from National University.


Currently the President and CEO of Nunzia Pharmaceutical and Arizona Gold 
and Onyx Mining Company, Michael Mitsunaga has a wealth of international and public company business experience. A true entrepreneur at heart, Mitsunaga began in the real estate industry after college. While in the real estate business, Mitsunaga became known for creative financing. His knowledge of financing allowed him to branch out to a myriad of business dealings in Asia and the Pacific. Michael became the President of North America for Union Pacific Foods. While there, he built sales to millions of dollars a year. Returning to his entrepreneurial heart, he started two companies: TSM Recovery, Inc. and Automatic Medical Technologies Company.

TSM is a thriving medical waste company, and Automatic Medical owns the right to a patented blood thinner warmer. While he continues to operate those companies, most recently, Mitsunaga has taken over the management of Arizona Gold and Onyx Mining Company (now Nunzia Pharmaceutical).


Dr. Cui, our CSO and Director, brings over thirty years of ground-breaking experience in the Medical Diagnostic Industry.  Some of his most notable achievements include his instrumental role in the research and development of diagnostic tests and ultimately a vaccine for the Influenza A/H1N1 virus as well as his collaborative efforts with the Chinese government and the University of Beijing Medical School in the SARS project during the SARS outbreak of 2003.  

Dr. Cui is also renowned as the father of the “Strep A” test and for the perfection of the development of lateral flow rapid diagnostics and sandwich flow rapid diagnostics. He also developed the only multi-result Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test that uses a single strip to determine patients’ PSA levels. 

Dr. Cui holds several patents in the medical diagnostic industry and is considered a foremost expert in the medical diagnostic industry in the US and in China.

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